League Rules

Braintree District Snooker League Rules 

  1. Teams will consist of three players and a match will consist of 6 frames.
  2. Each away team player will draw a card 1-3 to determine order of play.
  3. Order of play is 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 1v2, 3v1, 2v3.
  4. Points are awarded for each frame won.
  5. All fixtures to be played on a Wednesday evening as per the fixture list starting at 7.30pm. All matches should commence by 7.45pm.
  6. Referees to be provided by the home team who must give full attention to the match.
  7. As a courtesy Mobile phones are to be switched to silent by players during their game, and only answered if absolutely necessary and away from the snooker room.
  8. Postponement of matches is only allowed in cases of exceptional circumstances. I.e. bad weather.
  9. A shortage of players is not an exceptional circumstance. The team that is short should still turn up even if only one player competes.
  10. A failure to fulfill a fixture carries an additional penalty of the loss of two points as well as 6 points awarded to the opponents.
  11. If a team is delayed for a good reason then a phone call should be placed to the opponents explaining delay. I.E. bad weather, vehicle breakdown.
  12. If rule 11 is not complied with then points can be deducted for late arrival at the discretion of the committee following consideration of the facts.
  13. No player can play for more than one team in a Division without committee approval.
  14. No player from a higher Division can play for a team in a lower Division without committee approval.
  15. Players from a lower Division may substitute in one team in a higher Division on two occasions a season. If they play a third match then they will be deemed a member of the higher Division team from that time.
  16. No away team can be required to play on more that one table.
  17. Each team must appoint a Captain who will be responsible for emailing the result to the league results secretary by Saturday midnight of that week.
  18. Failure to comply with rule 17 will result in a 2 point penalty deduction.
  19. Visiting teams should wear tidy casual dress, shorts and vests are not considered suitable. Visiting teams should respect Home Club rules.
  20. If a Home Club refuses entry to players from the visiting team in a league or cup match then the home team must arrange a suitable alternative venue at their own expense.
  21. Professional players are not permitted to play in the league.
  22. Matches to be played on standard snooker tables only.
  23. If there is a tie in league points at the conclusion of the season then league position will be decided by the following criteria in the order listed.  A. Highest number of wins in the season. B. Results between the tied clubs. C. A playoff match.


Braintree District Snooker League Handicap Rules

  1. For all Handicap competitions the committee will decide individual Handicaps based on league results and personal knowledge. These Handicaps will be circulated prior to competition start.
  2. The team handicap competition will use the same format and rules as league matches but with handicaps awarded to each player prior to break.
  3. Each team will nominate a player to contest a deciding frame prior to the match commencing. This player to be used in the event of a tie.



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